Don’t have drawing? No problem. 

TMI AutoTech, Inc. can help with a dedicated engineering staff ready to put your ideas to prints, or update drawings that you may have. 

TMI AutoTech, Inc. utilizes the most up to date Solidworks software so you can be guaranteed that you can use the drawings at various job shops.

Our engineering staff is very passionate about their work and will treat your product like their own.


TMI AutoTech, Inc. is well rounded and able to accomplish various fabrication tasks in-house with various fixtures, benders, rollers, and welding equipment.  We are able to work from your drawings or create CAD files if required.


Take your idea and turn it into a finished product! TMI AutoTech, Inc. is well suited to various size jobs from simple manufacturing jobs involving only a few components to larger jobs involving thousands of components.

Up to date MISYS manufacturing software and a well-organized shop floor and warehouse space allow TMI AutoTech, Inc. to keep tabs on individual projects and keep your products delivering on-time.

Every product is different for a reason.  Contact us today to discuss how we can assist in keeping your company and product unique.


•    Horn 65TSRE-RBE – 65mm Capacity 3-Axis CNC Mandrel Bender
•    Tauring Alfa 70 CNC 8 – CNC Roll Bender
•    RMD Model 300 – Programmable Electric Rotary Draw Bender
•    RMD Model 800-110 – Electric Tubing Notching

•    Republic-Lagun RL1440G – Electronic Variable High Speed Precision Lathe
•    Haas SL20 – 2-Axis CNC Lathe


  • Haas VF4
  • HRT-210 4th Axis
  • 24+1 Tool Changer

•    Miller Millermatic 180 – MIG Welder
•    Miller Millermatic 251 – MIG Welder
•    Miller Millermatic 251 – MIG Welder
•    Miller Econotig – TIG Welder
•    Miller Dynasty 300 – Water Cooled TIG Welder
•    Miller Dynasty 300 – Water Cooled TIG Welder
•    Miller Dynasty 300 – Water Cooled TIG Welder

•    Amada HDS 8025 NT – 80 Ton CNC Press Brake
•    Tennsmith Model T52 – 48”x16g Foot Shear
•    Tennsmith Model HB48 – 48”x16g Finger Brake

•    Baxter Verticut Plus Model 115B – Roll In Vertical Bandsaw
•    Dorringer D350 – Circular Cold Cut Saw

•    Bluco 2D Fixture Table – 1200mmx2400mm
•    Bluco 3D Fixture table – 1200mmx2400mmx200mm
•    Brammo Power Rotisserie – 128”x22”
•    Dake 2 1/2P – 6 Ton Compound Leverage Arbor Press
•    Shur-Lift – 20 Ton Hydraulic Press
•    OTC – 25 Ton Hydraulic Press
•    Westward 16” Floor Mount Drill Press

•    Wilton 20” Floor Mount Drill Press
•    Delta 10” Grinder
•    Jet 10” Sanding Machine
•    Baldor G10-168-1 Buffer
•    Grizzly G-1183 Belt Sander/Grinder
•    Grizzly G-1183 Belt Sander/Grinder

Ariel Atom

The Ariel Atom, manufactured for North America exclusively by TMI AutoTech, Inc. Every Atom is built to order taking into consideration each client's specific needs - whether that be hitting the local autocross, picking up the pace at high speed track events, or just the joy of pulling into a local car show to talk about the beauty that is the Atom.

Each Atom comes standard with an impressive array of features, and is available with either a naturally aspirated or turbocharged Honda K24 i-VTEC engine and 6-speed manual transmission. 

Clients can also choose from an extensive list of options to turn their Atom into the type of vehicle that best suits their needs. For more information or please follow the link to www.arielna.com

Ariel Nomad

The Ariel Nomad, manufactured for North America exclusively by TMI AutoTech, Inc. with the same thought in design, the same attention to detail, and the same grin on your face as the Ariel Atom…..but with different scenery and a whole new meaning to having fun on four wheels. The Nomad is beautifully designed, purposeful, and strong. Everything for a reason, nothing extra……it is the essence of its name. Moving from city to forest to mountain trail or desert; calling each just as equally “home”.

With the same drivetrain as can be found in the Atom – the Honda 2.4 litre iVTEC delivers it’s power reliably, economically and enthusiastically to wherever you may take it. 

If you are looking for a unique, go anywhere, rugged urban assault vehicle that can deliver you downtown for dinner in style and then blaze down the road less traveled away from civilization….then you are ready to experience the Nomad.


Call (434) 575-1257 for more information or email info@tmiautotech.com

Past Projects

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Engineered Motorsport Components

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